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Dragon Fruit Diabetes Glucose Control

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Glucose Control;

Dragon Fruit Diabetes Salad Meal

Type 2 Diabetes Dragon Fruit Diet: Results of Eating Pitaya Fruit
Without question, reproducibly, and significantly, adding dragon fruit to a meal makes a difference in my type 2 diabetes glucose level control after this meal.
Health benefits of dragon fruit are many and varied. Among the health benefits of dragon fruit, for those on a diabetic diet, the fresh pitahaya fruit or dried pitahaya fruit can help with diabetes dragon fruit diabetes blood glucose control.


Might wonder why even mention dragon fruit cholesterol levels, but because of the number of seeds in the pitahaya fruit flesh, you do see some nutrients regularly seen in nuts and seeds as well as nutrients more typical of seedless edible fruits.
Vitamin C: Along with fiber, Dragon fruit is also a great source of Vitamin C with almost 50% of recommended daily Vitamin C intake requirements in 100g of the dried pitahaya fruit.
Antioxidants: Eat dragon fruit as a good natural source of anti-oxidants which help to prevent the dangers of free radicals which can cause cancer and other undesirable health detriments.
Fats: Dragon fruit does have a small amount of fats because there are so many seeds in the edible part of the fruit. There can be literally thousands of the small black seeds in any given dragon fruit, and like most seeds and nuts they have both fats and protein in them while the flesh of the fruit itself has virtually none.

Many fruits we eat have the seeds removed, like apricots, peaches, apples and the like, so we tend to think of fruits as being completely fat and protein free. It would be literally impossible to remove the seeds from dragon fruit unless you pressed it through a strainer, as the seeds are very small and mixed evenly in the flesh. Fortunately these are mostly the healthy mono-unsaturated fats as, of course, they are not processed in any way and therefore are none of the dangerously unhealthy trans-fats seen in most junk food and processed food.

Leif reports one entry about the gout pitaya benefit in the French version of Wikipedia, and we'll try to do more research here on gout dragon fruit linkages. As best we can tell in preliminary examination of the dragon fruit gout connection it seems that some of the nutritional benefits of dragon fruit are to reduce.The nutritious components of Red Dragon Fruit (Cactus) have curative and preventive properties, it reduces cholesterol, and also reduces plaque formation in the veins and arteries improving circulation. The calcium present helps prevent osteoporosis and its high content of fiber helps improve the entire digestive system. All of this combines to help improve the blood and that helps diuresis as an aid in cleaning the kidneys. Dragon fruit ( Cactus )also contains beta-carotene, which has been identified as one of the strongest anti-oxidants. Science has discovered that an excess of free radicals in our system leads to illness, disease, and premature aging.

Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits:

Dragon fruit nutritional benefits are far superior to the health benefits of food supplements and pills like vitamin supplement pills. The dragon fruit nutrition factors you get when eating the natural fruit are varied and so much more numerous than in…
One of the most wonderful and nutritious fruits is the Dragon Fruit, otherwise known as Pitaya Fruit or Pitahaya Fruit. The dragon fruit nutrient profile is loaded with fiber and vitamin C, as well as other important nutrients。

Eating fresh dragon fruit is one of the most wonderful ways to stay healthy. Look at your local markets for the same named instead as dried pitaya fruit or also sold as fresh pitaya fruit at your local organic produce market. As an extra health bonus, pitahaya fruit for many Diabetics can help with diabetes blood glucose control. Mix pitaya fruit into your salads for a mild tasting chewy textured healthy nibble.

The health benefits of Dragon Fruit are many, and all you need to do to reap the benefit of dragon fruit nutrients is to eat the fruit! By eating pitaya fruit, you gain all of the general health benefits of the pitaya nutrients simply because pitaya fruit is a great all around healthy fruit to eat with lots of beneficial nutrients which are readily metabolized from the natural dragon fruit (vs. from a pill supplement). One special health benefit of dragon fruit is helps to control of glucose blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes (and type 1 diabetes by some reports), in addition to pitaya fruit nutrient profile being full of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. Fresh dragon fruit or dried dragon fruit both are great additions to a healthy diet.

Dragon Fruit Nutritional Benefits;

Seeds in pink dragon fruit .

Literally many thousands of small edible black seeds are evenly distributed throughout the flesh of dragon fruit.
Dragon fruit is a wonderful nutritious gourmet fruit for anyone to eat as part of a healthy natural diet with lots of beneficial dietary fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants.Research and keep your eyes and ears open, but never be afraid to try a new food if you think it might be beneficial and is a healthy food choice.
Try healthy new foods taking them with moderation and with care, and try to learn what you can about a new food before you try it, but by all means be open to new foods - or to reviving old ones you haven't had for a while..

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