Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dragon Flower Chicken Suop-photo 1

Ingredients: 1 bird of KG .chickens,2 pkt. of dragon flower soup beg ,2 liter water.

Seasoning: Salt to taste


1.Wash chicken ,then add chicken and dragon flower soup bag in water and bring to a boil, transfer ingredients to a stew pot, double boil for 2 hours, season with salt before serving.

The simplest recipe was the Chicken Soup where kampung chicken was left to boil with the flower of the dragon fruit plant and some salt.

The clear soup complements a bowl of chicken rice. The flower is rich in bee pollen which is good for curing coughs and asthmatic problems

Dragon Flower is a “Night Blooming Cactus “ works as a good hearbs .

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