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D’dragon Enzyme Drink 红龙酵素补充剂

D’dragon Enzyme Drink

is a 100% natural, pure and concentrated daily health drink packed with readily-absorbed nutrients needed by the body. Apart from the addition of natural yeast and pure Red Dragon Fruit juice, there are no preservative, artificial additive, coloring and flavor added.

It is suitable for all people, especially vegans and elderly, of all ages and body constitution, for people who have inadequate intake of vegetables, are fond of meat and sweets, picky in their food, dine out frequently, smoke and drink excessively, suffer from obesity, constipation, underweight and skin problem.

What is ENZYME

Enzymes exist in every living thing – human bodies, plants and animals. They are proteins that help building new molecules while removing the olds in your cells; at the same time helping you digest your food. The late Dr. Edward Howell, a physician and a pioneer in enzyme research, called enzyme the "Sparks of Life". Without enzyme, no activity at all would take place in our body. Neither vitamin, mineral, nor hormones could do any work - without enzyme.

The immediate concern is to preserve enzymes in our body and the main means of obtaining enzymes are through enzyme supplementation. Supplementation of enzymes is important to ensure that you get adequate enzymes needed to keep sickness at bay, delay the ageing and prolong our life span.

D’dragon TM Enzyme Drink is a premium natural enzyme made up of Red Dragon Fruit and honey.

In D’dragon TM Enzyme Drink only the Red Dragon fruits that are in season are used because the enzymes contained are in the most active state. During fermentation, the natural micro enzyme is added to the raw ingredients so that the temperature-resistance is higher than that of ordinary enzyme. For maximum efficacy of the enzyme, fermentation process will be based on the normal room temperature; no artificial fermentation is used to speed up the fermentation.

D’dragon TM Enzyme Drink is effective to improve our health through the following enzymatic functions:

· Coordinating body's internal environment
able to reduce blood acidity and make the blood weakly alkaline, eliminate foreign substances in the body, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, strengthen the cells, enhance digestion, increase body immunity, normalize hormone balance and maintain equilibrium in the body generally.

· Anti-inflammation
Inflammation is caused by bacteria nesting and growing on wounded cells. Enzymes on their own do not heal inflammation; however, they transport and enhance the function of leucocytes, which provide the power for the wound cells to heal.

· Anti-Bacteria
Apart from assisting leucocytes to eliminate bacteria, has its own anti-bacteria property to kill bacteria. It also stimulates the regeneration of new cells to achieve the objective of complete cure.

· Disintegrating Capability
helps to disintegrate metabolic waste accumulated at infected body parts or in blood vessels, thus helping the body to regain its usual function.

Besides, it helps to enhance food digestion and absorption of nutrients into our bloodstream to replenish nutrients and alleviate fatigue.

· Blood Cleansing
Eliminates metabolic waste in blood, disintegrates inflammatory virus and cholesterol in acidic blood and maintains blood in low alkaline level for smoother blood circulation.

Cell Regeneration
Stimulates cellular metabolism increases vitality to get rid of fatigue and sluggishness and promote the regeneration of new cells replacing the damaged ones.

Consume D’dragon TM Enzyme daily also helps to improve skin complexion and texture, promote hair growth, alleviate white hair problem, promote weight loss and improve general health.


红龙酵素补充剂是一种很伟大又神奇的蛋白质,一切生命体的作用全赖酵素.虽然它是微不可见的微生物,但却能分解蛋白质,维他命和矿物质;或是使之结合,产生比自己大过千倍的力量.无论是一把眼泪,一沫垂液, 一滴血液或是一粒细胞,都有酵素的存在. 简单说,人体的精子与卵子得以结合成为生命也是靠酵素, 人体由出生到老死,都是由于身体的酵素在不断地发挥其功能. 因此,



D’dragon 红龙酵素能保健的原理:




如果有,显示你的身体缺乏酵素,是时候享用D’dragon 红龙酵素补充剂.




红龙酵素补充剂绝对能为您排除以上问题 !!!


因为各种因素,酵素会被捐耗,如果补充不足,衰退即会产生失调现像,引发各部位器官的新陈代谢障碍,进入半健康状态,所谓半健康状态;即是查不出原因的肩膀酸痛,四肢无力,头晕,疲劳,食欲不振等.如果长久酵素不足, 即减低抗病能力,健康也会轻易亮起红灯.



没有酵素就没有生命. 过胖者不宜摄取高能量食物,所以在甜度上要控制,不宜喝太多.喝酵素不会马上见到效果,需要你持续的喝,坚持的喝,才会发现它的美妙.要放心喝,才能喝出效果






喝时可把酵素加水稀释,不过, 疗效较差.

可在饭前半小时或饭后一小时喝, 饭前喝有助于肠胃道的蠕动.

胃气胀者胃粘液增加,哮喘病者多痰, 都是自然反应,勿担忧.

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